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As Sheriff of Stafford County, I have had both the honor and privilege of working with Kathy Sterne in her position as the Chief Deputy Clerk of Stafford County Circuit Court.  The relationship between the Sheriff’s Office and the Circuit Court is a crucial one that requires a tremendous amount of cohesion and teamwork.   As the population of Stafford County continues to grow at an extremely fast pace, Kathy’s more than 20 years of experience in the Circuit Court will make the transition of a new Circuit Court Clerk seamless.  It is my firm belief that Kathy Sterne is the best candidate for the Stafford County Circuit Court Clerk.

Charles E. Jett

Stafford County Sheriff

"Prior to Kathy starting her career with the Stafford County Clerk's office in 1993, I had the very good fortune of having her as an employee of Patriot Bank the predecessor of Carter Bank & Trust. Kathy has always demonstrated a desire to continue to grow and learn. Most importantly she works well with people and has always gone the extra mile to assist the public. Kathy's many years of experience in the Clerk's office have prepared her well for this new challenge. This is an honest individual that loves Stafford County and the citizens she desires to serve. I am pleased to endorse Kathy Sterne for the Stafford County Circuit Court Clerk's position."

William E. Oeters

Senior Vice-President

Carter Bank & Trust


"Kathy Sterne was hired in 1993 as a Deputy Clerk. Over the years she has stepped up and taken on additional task to prepare her for her career goals. After becoming Clerk of Court in 2001, I turned to Kathy again to take on additional duties, and ultimately took the opportunity to promote her to the current position of Chief Deputy Clerk. Kathy has shown her ability to lead and manage this office with guiding principles and integrity."

Hon. Barbara G. Decatur

Stafford County Circuit Court Clerk

 "I hired Kathy Sterne in 1993 as a Deputy Clerk. She immediately demonstrated a willingness to learn and a quick grasp of the many Clerk's duties. I readily increased her assigned responsibilities and noted her consistently outstanding performance. During my eight years as her supervisor, I took advantage of every available opportunity to promote her.

Technical proficiency, however substantial, is but part of the standard for an elected public office. Kathy's most outstanding characteristic was her genuine desire to assist the public, and her empathy for people in difficult circumstances. A public official is judged by the actions of their staff, and I found Kathy's daily conduct on my behalf to be both personally and professionally rewarding. I am most grateful for our time together."

Thomas M. Moncure Jr.

Stafford County Clerk of Court