Stafford County Circuit Court

Stafford Clerk of Court 2016 -
     My name is Kathy Sterne the Stafford County Clerk of Court, I want to thank everyone who supported my campaign in both the Primary and General elections.

​      2015 was a very busy year for our family, and a great amount of effort was put into running a clean and successful campaign. Through out my campaign I pledged to work hard to serve the citizens of Stafford County and continue to be a watch dog for our tax dollars. I believe we have a very efficient system in place, as the years approache I will continue to evaluating our office and looking for ways to enhance our services.

       I follow a long line of very successful Clerk's of Court, it is my goal to continue that success while I work to put my mark on this great office. Stafford county has a great group of constitutional officers that create a partnership for doing the counties business, and I look forward to working with this great team. 

Kathy Sterne

The right experience, the right choice

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